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AM|RIGONI  is committed to the quality of its jewelry and provides its customers with the necessary support for their maintenance and care.


Below, we recommend some common precautions when using each piece, to keep your jewelry always in the best condition:


Avoid contact of jewelry with creams, perfumes, detergents, chemicals, sea water, swimming pool or abrasive products that could stain the pieces.


After use, gently clean the jewelry with a dry flannel and store it  separately, avoiding friction with other pieces.


Like all jewelry, pieces with stones should not be washed with detergents,  soaps or similar, as their residues can make them opaque or milky. Clean your jewelry with a soft bristle brush under running water and dry with a delicate towel. If the result is still not satisfactory, contact us for a professional evaluation.


Gold or rhodium plated jewelry cannot be engraved or scratched.


We do not guarantee breakage, loss of stones, scratches, natural wear and tear by use, stains caused by some of the substances mentioned in the previous items.


Once the manufacturing defect is proven, the part will be returned free of charge.


Materials used


Gold jewelry 


They are produced in 18K gold. This means that it has 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of other metals, that is, it has 75% gold. 


Silver jewelry 


They are produced from a metal alloy known as Sterling Silver 925,  consisting of 92.5% pure silver. This noble metal darkens over time due to a natural process called oxidation.  


Metal jewelry 


They are produced from a copper and zinc alloy, with a resistant and malleable structure, also known as brass. 


plated jewelry


To reduce the oxidation process of the piece and keep it beautiful for longer, silver or metal jewelry is subjected to a gold or rhodium bath - noble metals that deliver greater shine and durability to the metal surface. This finish is considered noble, however due to its nature it may fade over time. This is a natural process and is not considered a defect covered by the warranty. This means that at some point in the life of the product, it may need maintenance.


Silver and copper (metals present in most gold alloys) in contact with air undergo a chemical phenomenon called oxidation, which may cause a change in the original color of the jewel. This color change does not represent a change in the quality or content of the alloys. It is a natural and superficial alteration, occurring to a greater or lesser extent depending on factors as diverse as the proximity to the sea, the pH of the skin, or the way the jewel is packaged.

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