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The exchange and return policy adopted by M|RIGONI for products purchased in the virtual store seeks to meet the needs of our customers in a transparent and effective manner and is in compliance with the Consumer Protection Code.

Any return or exchange to be carried out must be previously communicated to the company, through our e-mail, informing the order number and the reason.

M|RIGONI's returns and exchanges operations may be carried out for the following reasons provided for in the Consumer Protection Code:
• Replacement
• Withdrawal due to regret
• Manufacturing defect
• Malfunction

The exchange/return period is seven days (from receipt) for products purchased at the M|RIGONI virtual store. The performance of these operations is subject to the following conditions:

There must be prior communication to the company, which will analyze the request. After this analysis, the customer will receive the necessary information so that the product can be sent back to our company.

The sending of a new product is conditioned to the receipt by the company of the returned product and, in cases where there is a supplement of value by the customer, also to the approval of its payment.

The deadline for replacing the exchanged merchandise will depend on the availability of the new product requested and this deadline will be communicated to the customer by email.

The goods must be intact, in the original packaging, without traces of use and without modifications in relation to its original structure.

The product must be accompanied by the invoice and the guarantee certificate.

The exchange will be made for another piece of the same value, at the customer's choice, or as part of the payment for another piece of greater value than the exchanged piece.

Jewelry purchased that has been personalized for the customer cannot be returned or exchanged.

No exchange of items purchased on sale will be permitted.

The reversal of payment made by credit card is the sole responsibility of the card operator (the deadline is established by it), and M|RIGONI is responsible for duly communicating the operator so that it can carry out this reversal.

Returns due to “Repentance” can be made within up to seven days after receiving the products and are subject to the same conditions and criteria outlined here. The value of the product will be refunded, with the reduction of costs related to the initial shipment of the order.

Once receipt is confirmed, the product(s) and other items (invoice, guarantee and packaging) are checked and, if the return is approved, the refund of the purchase price of the product will depend on the payment method. If this has been done by credit card, the amount will be reversed, respecting the payment method chosen.

In returns due to a manufacturing defect confirmed via technical analysis, the customer will be able to decide for an identical product or use the corresponding credit to choose a new jewel through the website.

IMPORTANT: If the product sent does not meet the specifications described above, M|RIGONI will be exempt from making exchanges/returns, and must resend the original product to the customer

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